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WCF is a combination of NET remoting, MSMQ, Web Service and COM+.
WCF = Web Service + Remoting + MSMQ + COM+

WCF Service can be hosted in multiple protocols like http, tcp etc. Since it has COM+ so we can call two different WCF services in a transaction.

WCF has three main component need to define:

There are four bindings supported by WCF:

  • BasicHttpBinding:
    • Simple SOAP over HTTP with no encryption.
  • WsHttpBinding:
    • Simple SOAP over HTTP with encryption.
  • NetHttpBinding:
    • Binary-encoded SOAP, including support for reliable message transfer, security and transaction directly over TCP.
  • NetNamedPipesBinding:
    • Binary-encoded SOAP over named pipes. This binding usable for WCF-to-WCF communication.


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