How to add link in WhatsApp's status or chat image?

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WhatsApp, renowned as one of the globe's most beloved messaging platforms, empowers users to express themselves with thoughts, photos, and videos via its distinctive 'status' feature. While it's common knowledge that you can effortlessly include text, images, and videos in your WhatsApp status, did you realize you can also incorporate clickable links?

I'm struggling to add clickable link in an image in status or chat. Any one has any idea how to do this? 

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Posted On: 23-Jun-2024 01:06

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Rahul Maurya
Rahul M...
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There is no feature to add link into status image in WhatsApp but we can add link url in Status Message as follow:

  1. Go to updates tab
  2. Tap on pencil/edit icon button
  3. Type of paste link url into 'Type a Status'. Wait for few seconds, image and tile will be appeared. Then tap on click button.
Posted On: 28-Jun-2024 09:41
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