How to call a extension method with Out Parameters within LINQ Query and use Out Values?

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I have following extension method in fhir R4 model in .net nuget package as:

Hl7.Fhir.Model.Resource.TryDeriveResourceType(out ResourceType resourceType);

It's fine when using it as single object but when try to compare in LINQ query - how to compare it. I'm trying something like:

var patientResource = bundles.Entry.
FirstOrDefault(x => x.TryDeriveResourceType(out ResourceType resourceType) == ResourceType.Patient).Resource as Hl7.Fhir.Model.Patient;

But it's wrong and getting compile time error.

Is there any way to compare resource type with output the of the abobe extension method?


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Posted On: 13-Sep-2023 01:08

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Use following code to delegate encapsulation:

private readonly Func<Hl7.Fhir.Model.Resource, ResourceType> funResourceType = f =>
            f.TryDeriveResourceType(out ResourceType resourceType);
            return resourceType;

try to use as:

var patientResource = bundles.Entry.
FirstOrDefault(x => funResourceType(x.Resource) == ResourceType.Patient).Resource as Hl7.Fhir.Model.Patient;
Posted On: 14-Sep-2023 00:03
 - kailash  20-Sep-2023 04:20
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