How to Customize a Model Validation Response which results in an HTTP 400 Error Code?

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In .NetCore API project, I'm using following line of code in action to check and throw error:

if (!ModelState.IsValid)
      throw new Exception($"Invalid input model") ;

But seems, it's not reaching to the throw part and returning 400 status code with following api response:

    errors =     {
        Name =         (
            "The Name field is required."
    status = 400;
    title = "One or more validation errors occurred.";
    traceId = "00-19041551252dec44959314a355f38eb7-76202d713d3a0c4f-01";
    type = "";

Is there any way to customize this response model?


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Posted On: 09-Jul-2021 06:05

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As per documentation: automatic-http-400-responses , the [ApiController] attribute makes model validation errors automatically trigger an HTTP 400 response. Consequently, the following code is unnecessary in an action method:

if (!ModelState.IsValid)
      throw new Exception($"Invalid input model") ;


You can disable the automatic 400 behavior by seting the SuppressModelStateInvalidFilter property to true. Add the following code in Startup.ConfigureServices:

services.Configure<ApiBehaviorOptions>(options =>
    options.SuppressModelStateInvalidFilter = true;
Posted On: 13-Jul-2021 00:03
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