How to Keep My Laptop On When it’s Closed?

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I want to plug my laptop into an external monitor and it's working fine with Window 10. But when I'm closing laptop lid laptop getting on sleep mode.

How to keep my laptop On when it’s closed?

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Posted On: 05-May-2021 07:01

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  1. In the System Tray (at the bottom-right corner of the task-bar), find the Battery icon. We may have to click the small arrow to show all icons to see Battery icon. Right-click Battery and choose Power Options:
    (Alternatively, on Windows 10, we can head to Settings > System > Power & sleep and select Additional power settings from the right menu.)
  2. On the left of the resulting Power Options menu, select Choose what closing the lid does:
  3. You'll see options for the power and sleep buttons. Under When I close the lid, change the dropdown box for Plugged in to Do nothing.
    (If we like, we can also change the setting for On battery. However, this can cause issues.)
  4. Click Save Changes and we're good to go.
Posted On: 10-May-2021 00:40
 - beginer  16-May-2021 22:58
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