Azure Debug Console - There are 304 items in this directory, but maxViewItems is set to 299

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I am using Microsoft Azure DebugConsole / Kudu.
Using the DebugConsole / Kudu I was able to edit the folder and transfer the files but I noticed that only 299 files were transferred.
I'm getting Error:
"There are 304 items in this directory, but maxViewItems is set to 299. You can increase maxViewItems by setting it to a larger value in localStorage"

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Posted On: 13-Sep-2019 06:16

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Found similar issue on It's seem browser's local storage related issue.
 - Rashmi  13-Sep-2019 09:13
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I found kudu documentation detail on

"Note: by default, it only displays up to 300 items. This limit can be overridden by adding a 'maxViewItems' key and value to your browser's localStorage."

I think, this can be helpful.

Posted On: 13-Sep-2019 09:17
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There is a way to increase maxViewItems in your browser's local storage:
if you are using chrome browser,

  1. go to your scm(kudu) site
  2. open browser developer tools (F12)
  3. in the console, run window.localStorage['maxViewItems'] = 500

Now, you are done.

Posted On: 13-Sep-2019 09:56
Thanks... it works..
 - Smith  15-Sep-2019 06:29
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