Redirect ip address from one to another if site is not reachable.

Kailash Singh
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My single solution is hosted on 3 different IP but using common database. But Sometime link speed of these IP getting down . So how can i check if 1st IP is not reachable then site automatically connect to another ip or if 2nd IP is also not reachable then connect to 3rd IP vice versa?

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Posted On: 12-Jun-2017 01:12

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Rahul Maurya
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If you looking for server failover solution. You can try this link to update DNS records automatically  

It works as
A primary server and a secondary server. A third server monitors the primary server and detects if there is a problem. If there is, it will automatically update the DNS records for your website so that traffic will be diverted to your secondary server. Once your primary server is functioning again, traffic will be routed back to your primary server. Most of the time your users won’t even notice a thing!

Posted On: 12-Jun-2017 02:00
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