Abstract Class vs Interface in C#

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What is the difference between an interface and abstract class? This is an extremely common interview question.

Thanks in advance

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Posted On: 09-Jan-2016 07:10

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Kailash Singh
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Hello Sam, the basic difference between Abstract Class and Interface is-

1)- Abstract class dosen't  provide a fully abstraction. whereas Interface provide a fully abstraction.

2)- Abstract Class allows Variable declartion and method declartion both. whereas Interface only allows method declartion.

3)- Abstract Class can have access modifier, by default everything is private. But Interface doesnt use access modifier by default everthing is public

4)-Abstract class provide parameterless constructor. where as constructor not used in Interface.

5)-Abstract class not allow multiple inheritance . where as Multiple Inheritance is possible by Interface.

Posted On: 14-Jan-2016 10:21
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