What purpose does the yellow and green LEDs have on the Arduino?

John Rik
John Rik
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I wired a shift register (74HC595 IC) to the Arduino Uno. As I gave power to the Arduino, the green and yellow leds on Arduino board stop shining.

What are these LEDs for? And what is reason behind it?

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Posted On: 31-Dec-2015 02:52

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Green led on Arduino Uno indicates the 'ON' condition when it shine.

Yellow led connected to the digital pin 13 , so we can programmed that led.

yellow led stop shining means all the power is drained out by shift register and this is not any problem.

There will be a short in wired connection so that green led stop shining.

So, check your connection, is it according to the pinout configuration of shift register.

Posted On: 02-Jan-2016 07:04
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