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Kailash Singh
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Hello Sir, What is Page Life Cycle in ?

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Posted On: 13-Dec-2015 01:20

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Rahul Maurya
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Hi Kailash,

When an ASP.NET page runs, the page goes through a series of processing steps is known as page life cycle in which it performs. Page Life Cycle includes initialization, instantiating controls, restoring and maintaining state, running event handler code, and rendering. So, it is important to understand the page life cycle so that you can write code at the appropriate life-cycle stage for the effect you intend.

If you develop custom controls, you must be familiar with the page life cycle in order to accurately initialize controls, populate control properties with view-state data, and run control behavior code. The life cycle of a control is based on the page life cycle, and the page raises many events that you need to handle in a custom control.

Following are the page life-cycle stages:

  • Initialization
  • Load
  • Postback event handling
  • Rendering
  • Unload
Posted On: 13-Dec-2015 06:12
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