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Kailash Singh
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Hello Sir, How to setup Ajax control toolkit  with visual studio 2012?

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Posted On: 24-Oct-2015 11:19

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Rahul Maurya
Rahul M...
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Hi Kailash Singh,

You can add Ajax Control Toolkit 4.5

i) Open Visual studio 2012 Right click on tools window as:

ii) Type the tab name as Ajax Toolkit 4.5 as:

iii) Again right click on tab name you typed as:

iv) Browse the tool kit .dll file as:

v) Click Ok button without checking or unchecking the check boxes. After doing this you have added the toolkit successfully.

Now open new project (web form) and you can see the tool kit in tools window as:


Posted On: 25-Oct-2015 00:05
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