How to use fedex web service

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Hi i am using the web service of fedex and i have gathered all the credentials like account no.,meter no,password.i have the test url but when i add service reference to that url its showing empty web service,

also i please explain how to use xml request and response in web services


thank you

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Posted On: 24-Jun-2015 11:41

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Rahul Maurya
Rahul M...
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Hi, gaurav,

Have you sample code. In this you have to use testkey,password,accountno, and meter no.

I think all require code in the the sample code and try to use this code.

you can see instruction in that web site link

you have to download right sample code.

I think there is no need to add web service reference manually.

Posted On: 25-Jun-2015 00:01
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