List of 5 Best VAPT Companies In India - Expert’s Handpicked

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Posted On: 01-Jun-2024 03:55 

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In today’s world, cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate. As the technology evolves, along with the security practices the attackers also upgrade themselves. Most of the time we hear about data loss and security breaches. These all are done by the attackers. And, the reasons behind these types of attacks are the weakness or loopholes in the networks or systems. Therefore managing data security becomes a crucial part of the organizations. But the question arises how to find the best VAPT(Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing ) company in India? 


Don’t fret because, in this write-up, we will discuss the 5 best VAPT companies in India. But before going to list the top 5 VAPT companies in India. Let’s figure out the cruciality of the VAPT services in a detailed manner.

Importance of VAPT in Today’s Technological Era?

Here are some of the factors that determine the need for VAPT. Let’s explore them sequentially.


1. Prevention of Data Breaches 

 Performing the VAPT means you are doing the work of attacker before they do. It simply means you will be a step ahead of the attacker. You can find the security weaknesses before the attacker takes advantage of them.


2. Strengthening of Overall Security 

Some of the time, a quick analysis of the network security is not able to identify the loopholes. On the other hand, VAPT identifies the mini and micro loopholes to a large extent.


3. Enhancing Business

After analyzing the regular security breaches, most organizations don't easily rely on them. If any organization wants to work with the tech giants then they need to adopt the VAPT. For instance, it is highly recommended to use VAPT for working with Indian banks.   


4. Reduction of Financial Loss

Data security attacks can lead to data loss and also impact the economy of the organization. VAPT can minimize security breaches and prevent data loss.


This is all about the cruciality of the VAPT. Now is the time to discuss the key factors while choosing the VAPT company for enhancing data security.

Key Factors While Choosing the Best VAPT Companies in India

There are different factors that matters a lot when choosing the right VAPT company in India. Some of the major ones are explained below:-


1. Presence of Manual and Automation Testing 

The chosen VAPT service provider should be able to follow both approaches to perform the penetration testing. 


2. Continuous Scanning 

Make sure that the scanner works fine and is able to detect the minimal loopholes as well. Also, pre-decide that the scanning should be performed on the weekly or monthly basis to catch the latest breaches.


3. Up-to-date tools

The VAPT service provider should have all the best industrial up-to-date technologies. Additionally, they should also follow the best practices to mitigate the threats.


4. Penetration Testing Reports

Choosing the VAPT service provider that can give the reports after the process so that customers can also analyze the loopholes at their own end.

What are the 5 Best VAPT Companies in India?

So, it is time to put light on the top giants that rule the data security field. Let’s get started one by one.

1. SysTools Digital Forensics

It is one of the leading company in the domain of enhancing data and network security. Most of the tech giants have already worked with this organization to make their systems breaches-free.

Anyone can take the expertise of one of the prominent organizations to identify the weaknesses of the systems. Some of the strengths of this organization are as follows:-

1. Certified security team with extensive experience in the data security domain.

2. Impeccable track record of solving the many cyber cases,

3. Dedicated team to perform VAPT.

4. Full-fledged with the latest technologies.

2. Kratikal

Kratikal is well-versed in manual and automated VAPT services. It deals in the field of IOT and medical services. Along with its VAPT services, it is also well-known for its Email authentication protocols. 

3. Sumasoft

In the continuity of discussing the best VAPT companies in India, it’s turn for the third finest company in India. Suma Soft is a CERT_In_empanelled VAPT service provider. It also offers both of the VAPT whether it is manual or automated. Apart from pen testing, this company also provides tools for hyper-automation and technical support for desktops and networks.

4. Astra Security

Astra Security holds expertise in manual testing. Its vulnerability scanner scans approximately 9,300 known vulnerabilities. This also prepares the AI-recommended test cases according to your organization's adopted technology. Additionally, the scanner can easily integrate with the CI/CD pipeline. 

5. Netrika Consulting

It is a well-developed risk analysis and consulting organization in India. Different types of VAPT services are involved in their catalog. By incorporating VAPT experts in the organizations it provides the finest VAPT solutions for IT systems and networks.



VAPT is mandatory for every organization to make the network security vulnerability-free. However, picking the best VAPT company in India is a cumbersome task because of the different VAPT service providers. Therefore through this write-up, we have explained the list of 5 best VAPT companies in India. Now, you can choose the best one according to your needs. 


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