Why is My Google Workspace Email Not Working? Elaborated

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Posted On: 22-May-2024 23:53 

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Each and every organization looks for an efficient communication platform. But what happens when the Google Workspace email starts not responding? This can happen for several reasons. But it does not matter what the reason is. In this blog, we will cover the solution to one of the most asked queries on the Internet “ Why is my Google Workspace email not working”. So let’s start from the beginning and find out what are the reasons behind this issue. 

Root Causes of Behind Google Workspace Email Not Working

Here are some of the major reasons why Google Workspace emails start not responding. 

  1. Mis-configuration of MX Records - MX records identify the platform where your emails will be delivered. Sometimes the misconfiguration of MX records in the Domain Name System affects the receiving of emails.

  2. Domain and Account Issues - If the administrator disabled the domain because of subscription issues. Then email services will be stopped. The suspension of the Google Workspace is also the reason for the Google Workspace email failure.

  3. Sign Issues - Verify that you're entering the right credentials to log in to your Google Workspace account. Also, make sure that your password has not expired.

  4. Server Issues - No doubt, Google offers reliable and efficient services. But there might be the possibility that Google is going through some server updates.

  5. Storage Limitations - When the Google Workspace storage is about to get full, then the sending and receiving of emails get interrupted.


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How to Resolve “Why is My Google Workspace Email Not Working”?

Below are the troubleshooting steps that you can apply to resolve the Google Workspace email not working issues.

  1. Verification of MX Records - Go to the domain management system. Open the MX records and make sure they are pointing to Google's mail servers. If found wrong, then perform the required changes from the MX records settings.

  2. Check Google Account and Domain Status - Login to the Google Admin Center by using the admin credentials. Identify the status of the account if it is suspended then reactivate it. Also, verify the status of the domain. Make sure that the domain registration is completed and verified.

  3. Search for Google Outages - Perform a quick search and find the status of the Google servers. If there is any update or resolving some issues going on then keeping patience is the only option.

  4. Verify Storage - Go to Google Admin Console and check the status of the storage. If the storage is about to reach its maximum limit, then delete or backup old emails.

  5. Contacting Google Support  - If any of the above troubleshooting steps cannot solve your query. Then contact the Google support team for further help. The Google support team will help you in further investigation and solve your query.


This is all about the troubleshooting steps. There is no surety that the Google Workspace email not working issue never persisted again. Because of that failure, you need to go through a lot of downtime. So migrate emails to Office 365 is the best alternative to keep the data safe and secure. Office 365 is also rich in features due to which most of the organizations are already moved to it. You can use the SysTools G Suite to Office 365 migrator to perform G Suite to Office 365 migration. Here are the quick steps of the tool.

  • Step 1. Download and Select Source and Destination accounts.
  • Step 2. Select workload items.
  • Step 3. Complete Source and Destination details.
  • Step 4. Fetch users and Start Migration.



In this write-up, we have discussed the issues behind the Google Workspace email not working. All the possible troubleshooting steps are discussed in a detailed manner. You can try any of the troubleshooting issues to get rid of this error. But the same can occur again. So, it is advised to move from Google Workspace to Office 365. To do so, an efficient tool is suggested to accomplish the task without any errors. Hence your query of the “Why is my Google Workspace email not working” issue is resolved. 


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