Output Caching to Enhance Web Site Performance in .NET

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Output Caching to Enhance Web Site Performance in .NET

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Posted On: 23-Jan-2015 12:32

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Rahul Maurya
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To achieve better performance with ASP.NET one way to use output caching to reduce server workload. This is an optimization that reduces Web server response time.
Setting application-level caching enables you to change cache behavior from a single configuration file rather than editing the @ OutputCache directive of individual pages.

Add the following XML as a child of the system.web element:

<!-- caching section group --> <caching><outputCacheSettings><outputCacheProfiles><add name="WebAppCache1" enabled="true" duration="60"/> </outputCacheProfiles></outputCacheSettings></caching>

Change the @ OutputCache directive to read as follows:

<%@ OutputCache CacheProfile="WebAppCache1" VaryByParam="none" %>


Posted On: 23-Jan-2015 12:55
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