How to add missing LINQ To SQL Classes In VS 2019

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I have migrated project and trying to run and execute in VS 2019 community edition. Everything working fine but when I'm trying to update sql class in .dbml model, it's showing xml document instead of designer page. It seems, VS 2019 not supporting .dbml. Also, I tried to add it then it's not showing in data group, see:

How to add this missing tool in VS 2019?

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Posted On: 24-May-2020 03:20

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  1. Open VS 2019
  2. Go to Tools -> Get Tools and Features
  3. Click on Individual Components tab
  4. Scroll down, you will find "Linq to Sql tools" under Code tools category
  5. Check and click on Modify. It will install the component, its around 2 mb
Posted On: 24-May-2020 04:29
Rahul Maurya
Rahul M...
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Unfortunately by default, the LINQ to SQL Classes doesn't get installed but there is an absolute and easy way to add this feature later as:

  1. Open Visual Studio 2017/2019 and Go to Tools > Get Tools and Features… It will ask permission for User Access Control. Click Continue.
  2. Click on Individual Components tab and then search for LINQ to SQL tools and click on Modify button:
  3. You will see the progress in next windows and when it finished, this tool can be found in Add New Item.
  4. Now go to Add New Item section, and you will be able to add LINQ to SQL Classes in your project.
Posted On: 24-May-2020 05:58
 - beginer  26-May-2020 00:57
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