enum to dictionary in c#

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I'm using asp.net core to develop REST API and I have few enum values that to be expose to API response. And I'm able to do that but client developer don't know what are the enum's values. So I want to expose all enum values in the response.

Suppose I have following enum:

public enum niceEnum
   itemA = 1,
   itemB = 2,
   itemC = 3

And wan to show in response as:

1, itemA
2, itemB
3, itemC

How we can do this using dictionary?

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Posted On: 29-May-2019 09:35

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Use following code

var dict1 = Enum.GetValues(typeof(niceEnum))
               .ToDictionary(t => t.ToString(), t => (int)t );
Posted On: 31-May-2019 07:24
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