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How to round or truncate with no trailing zeros in sql server?

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I have following select command (round/truncate):

SELECT ROUND(100.55555552, 2)
SELECT ROUND(100.55555552, 2, 1)

Both giving trailing zeros

How we can remove trailing zeros?

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Posted On: 23-Jan-2018 04:35
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Posted On: 25-Jan-2018 02:15

Use following:

SELECT convert(DOUBLE PRECISION, ROUND(100.55555552, 2))
SELECT convert(DOUBLE PRECISION, ROUND(100.55555552, 2, 1))
Rahul Maurya
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Posted On: 25-Jan-2018 02:17

try this

SELECT CAST(ROUND(100.55555552, 2) AS DECIMAL(8,2))
SELECT CAST(ROUND(100.55555552, 2, 1) AS DECIMAL(8,2))


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