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I'm using .NetCore 2.0 In the nlog.config <targets> <!-- write logs to file --> <target xsi:type="File" name="allfile" fileName= "${basedir}\temp\nlog-all-${shortdate}.log" layout="${longdate}| ${event-properties:item= EventId.Id}|${logger} |${uppercase:${level}} |${messag ...
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Posted On: 10-Apr-2018 02:41 
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I'm using ' JsonConvert' to deserialize a DateTimeOffset, but it is ignoring the specified timezone and converting the datetime to the local offset. For example, as var content = @"{""startDateTime"":""2018-07-19T14:30:00+09:30""}"; When deserialised using: var obj = JsonConvert.Deser ...
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Posted On: 08-Apr-2018 00:35 


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