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How to check if a DateTime field is not null or empty?

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I have table field of type DateTime with allow null in SQL server database. In entity framework , I need to check if the datetime field has null or not.

I try following but not giving correct result:

// do if myDate has null value
// do if myDate has not null value

What is the correct way to check if datetime has null value?

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Posted On: 12-Oct-2017 04:18
Use model.myDate.HasValue. It will return true if date is not null otherwise false. - Brian  12-Oct-2017 22:12
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Posted On: 12-Oct-2017 22:48

Try following code:

// do if myDate has null value
// do if myDate has not null value
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Posted On: 29-Oct-2017 23:02

If you declare a DateTime and initialize with DateTime(), then the default value is DateTime.MinValue, and hence you have to check it like this:


DateTime dat = new DateTime();

if (dat == DateTime.MinValue)
   //date is not unassigned

If the DateTime is nullable, well that's a different story:


DateTime? dat = null;

if (!dat.HasValue)
  //date is not unassigned

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